Study & Work

The historic factory block has become home to a unique community of creative-sector players and students working together to create sustainable and forward-looking ideas and innovations.

Diversity is our strength

A135 Creative Community


Our community is made up of a colourful group of innovative companies, including both start-ups and more experienced players. It is precisely this diversity that we draw our strength from, as creativity feeds creativity. The more varied our community is, the more we can learn from one another. Because when energies and synergies meet, amazing things can happen.


Study on the creative block

The educational institutions on the block are also geared toward creativity. They include Metropolia’s Arabia Culture Campus, the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Stadi Vocational College’s media studies programme.


Work on the creative block

Are you looking for a place that offers room to think and create? Join our community and innovate with us!

Meet the players

  • VMP-interior

  • Helsinki XR Center

  • Viaplay Group

  • Innovation Home

  • Angel Films