Hero video Arabia135 - Luovuuden kortteli

Space for creative thinking. Making. Feeling.

On the Arabia135 block there is room for curiosity.


Here, you can make and experience history in an historical setting, and feed creativity with creativity. Here, thinking gives rise to actions that result in something meaningful and lasting. Take a step further into the creative block.

Events on the block

The block is a living room full of experiences big and small, and it is open to everyone.


See, Experience & Shop

Get inspired by and enjoy the block’s museums, libraries and shops. Take in and be stimulated by the surrounding sights.


Eat & Drink

Enjoy lunch or dinner in the block’s restaurants and cafés.

Study & Work


Find a place where you can unleash your creativity and become a maker of the future. Check out the vacant business premises and the block’s educational institutions.

Live in Arabia

Arabia is both an urban centre and close to nature, making it the ideal residential neighbourhood for everyone.


History & Future

The block’s history dates back to a small red-brick ceramic factory from the 1870s. The block’s new history is currently in the making.


A135 Creative Community

With three educational institutions and numerous enterprises, the block represents a unique creative community.


Useful information

Getting here and opening hours