A unique balance between old and new

The block is significant for its cultural history, architecture and landscape alike. That is why the area’s values and characteristics are taken into account in its development. This allows us to create the best possible conditions for both executing creative work and enjoying its fruits.


Lively and inviting

The Arabia135 block has been built in stages over the past 140 years, and it is constantly evolving. The starting point for its development is to create a lively and inviting hybrid block that highlights its special characteristics. The architecture reflects the block’s many historical layers, wide range of activities and unique industrial setting.
The aim of new construction is to incorporate the old block structure and form a truly unique complex.


Commercial and public

In the coming years, the block will be cultivated into a one-of-a-kind entity comprising commercial enterprises and public services. Spaces for both large and small businesses operating in a range of fields, such as retail and design, are being built on the block. Restaurants, educational institutions, a hotel and museums will also find their place on the Arabia135 block. The adaptable spaces open up opportunities to grow and network. And customers will also be nearby: numerous residences for people of all ages are being built on the block.

Do you want to be part of the future Arabia135 block? Do you have a business idea that would be perfect for the creative block? Let’s talk about your ideas!

For more information about the block’s development, please contact:

Jenni Nivalainen
Asset manager
0400 242420